Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of School

Sadly, our summer ended yesterday with the first day of school. We have enjoyed the summer months so immensely that it's really hard to go back, especially since the weather was a blistering 107 degrees!! This year is very special, because Grayson started kindergarten. I still can't believe it. He was up bright and early, and ready to roll by 7am!

It's hard to start school when you don't know a soul in all 4 kinder classes, but Grayson did great! He was confident and attentive, and not surprisingly, the tallest kid by a head!

This is Mrs. Rushton, his teacher. She was highly recommended by several good friends, and we even got to meet her a few days before school started. She's very nice and sweet, and Grayson's initial comment was that he thought she would be bigger.
These other two blondies are headed back to another year at Balboa Magnet (one of the top schools in the state, I might add). Up until the day prior, their hair was a lovely slime green, thanks to all the swimming. A vinegar rinse took it out so they wouldn't frighten the children on the first day, or cause their teachers to think they are "artistic".
Aww, they love each other so much. Grayson may or may not have socked Derek after this photo.
Can you believe she's in the 5th grade????? Me neither. Her outfit of choice: cutoffs, fake Tom's, and some funky shirt she found. She no longer wears a backpack, BTW- she's way too cool.
Derek is all business. 2nd grade is very serious, so you'd better button up your polo all the way- despite your Mom unbuttoning "just the top one" twice, and despite it being 107 degrees. He insisted on this lunch box (aka- mini cooler), as well as three ice blocks. This from the kid who eats next to nothing.
Unfortunately, we couldn't take any pictures in front of the school this year. It's drop and run so I can get Grayson to his school on time.
I'm the only one having a hard time adjusting; after almost 11 years I am kid-free during the day and, so far, I don't like it. I'm sad to have my little Grayson away from me!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pure Joy

I have a ton of pictures from the vacation week spent with the family but I have been sick so this is delayed.  I promise I will upload my pictures to a web album so you Steeds can have them all.  I wanted to at least post these few pictures of all the fun the tire swing had to offer.  The kids loved that tire swing! 

 I tried getting a picture of the kids together and Wes went a tumblin' down the hill!  Ooops!  I captured part of the fall.  I think it turned out to be a funny picture!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Spring Review

We started our spring with another year at Giants' spring training. While it rained at home we basked in the sun with temps in the high 70's. We went to seven games and had a great time at Mesa Spirit snowbird RV park. The photo is from a Giant / Dodger game - won by the Giants, of course. We have to rub it in while we can - it may be another 52 years before the Giants are World Series Champions again.

On our way home we visited Aunt Glee in Yuma. We hung out with her and Ecco.

We stopped by Bradfords on the way home from Arizona. I was treated to my birthday dinner and cake. At Family home Evening we played Cut the Cake - the game that is so fun to lose.

Before we knew it Wesley was 1 year old. Erin and Ali joined many others for a fun Birthday Party. Kirk served as grillmaster and Carrie provided delicious cupcakes etc.

The Robot cake was a hit with the Birthday Boy. Looks like he's keeping an eye on those other kids going after his new toys!

Next stop was Colorado. The boys like to help grandma make brownies.

On the first of May Brett blessed and named Gia. This was our group. Kevin, Ali and Erin flew in for the event. We had a great weekend together. It was good to catch up with Edmund and Margarette too. Gia looked fabulous in her blessing dress. (by Margarette)

We drove south to Grover Beach for step #3 of my tooth implant. We ran into this cute little boy with the fresh haircut. We spent a couple of days at Wilson Manor.

Our schedule at home is all about working on the "get ready lists." We are just about done with all of the projects in the house and yard. We are also almost ready to pack up and go. It is hard to believe that we will leave in 46 days.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!


Monday, May 2, 2011

7 years Already?

We had a great time celebrating Derek's 7th birthday the last three days. We designated it "birthday weekend" and started on Friday afternoon. After three days of various parties/outings/special dinners/treats, and of course about 5 dozen cupcakes, I am officially declaring birthday weekend OVER. But Derek had a great time!

I had a blast decorating not 1, not 2, but almost 5 dozen of these gems. They did come out cute, though!
Sunday evening we celebrated 3 birthdays with friends. Chocolate covered strawberries, the black and white cookie, cupcakes, root beer freezes, and the best rice crispy treats I've ever made rounded out the menu. Sugar high, anyone??
Today I brought more cupcakes to school, where Derek's friends each wrote a cute birthday wish to him and sang, of course. (Note that the only other blonde haired child in the class just happens to be in this picture.)
And opening presents was of course the best part! Derek and Grayson can't wait to try out the new glove and baseballs!

Then finishing the celebration, Derek chose to dine at Claimjumper. It was Carissa's choice, as well, back in February, so it must have made quite an impression!

Happy birthday to my sweet, silly Derek!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Making a Case For Sunblock

...and hats. For those of us who grew up slathering our skin with baby oil and Crisco, who never wore a hat outside unless it was for a baseball game, and who sunbathed until our skin blistered- here's a reality check. Although it is funny that Lee has another injury, the very scary fact is that his teeny tiny little spot of non-melanoma cancer cells took 5 hours to dig out and stitch up. It was really nasty, too. So- wear your block and for crying out loud- BUY A GOOD FLOPPY HAT!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Creation

On Sunday we had our traditional "Sunday night Birthday Celebration" with our friends, this time celebrating Carissa's 10th birthday. I would have taken pictures of all the fun, but I was a little occupied making pasta dinner for 24 people (yes- 24 people in our tiny house), and I didn't get the camera out until dessert. However, I am extremely pleased with myself and the cake I made. I tried to re-create the Cheesecake Factory's Red Velvet cheesecake. For a first try, I thought it came out really well. It was especially good for breakfast the next morning.

And yes, that is a shoe on the counter next to the cake, placed by Grayson a split second before taking the picture. ( He wanted to go outside, apparently and needed help with his shoes.)

Two layers of homemade form scratch red velvet cake, with a homemade cheesecake in the middle, covered with cream cheese frosting and topped with shaved white chocolate. Delicious!